Why PBX Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Understanding IP Telephony

Although telephone systems of today still do their basic functions, today’s systems interconnect with other systems and technologies. There are tasks that have been automated and telephone systems now make a valuable contribution to increasing staff productivity and lowering operational costs.

Then voice traffic took a big turn in terms of transmission method. The point to point path in traditional circuit switching that callers used is now replaced by VoIP and packet switching.

Now it is very easy to make calls to other countries that are connected to the internet at a very fast pace because of developments in data networking, wide area networking and the internet quality.

+++++++++++++++++++ Providers of telephone systems now offer IP enabled or pure IP solutions. And IP enabled system is a traditional digital telephone system that have adapt to support VOIP technology. A pure IP telephone system is based on pure IP switching methods and will offer better scalability and more integration with 3rd party systems and software.

One can make free calls over the internet for broadband users which is the most basic VoIP. But just like when using Skype or messenger , the other party should also be subscribed to the same service so that it will work and there will be communication with the two of you.

The main disadvantage of free services is that each user must be online and signed up with the same service. Breaking out of the VoIP network is then the only ways you can call another personal normally on a landline or mobile. This type of call is then charged.

Today, there is better VoIP services provided by service providers because of the improvement of internet speed.

Small and medium services have need now subscribe to service by VoIP providers since it is getting common place.

IP telephone systems give us many advantages including the following.

The internet then can link each office location that is enable with VoIP phone systems . Then calling any office in the VoIP telephone system is possible free of charge and seamless.

Now inter branch calls are free with VoIP telephone systems so you save on your telephone bills. In a VoIP system, the extension numbering is unified. Management is centralized and there is application sharing. Inter-office calls are now for free, and you simply dial the extension number to reach any remote office or staff. This VoIP telephone network can also integrate remote workers, small offices and work from home individuals.

VoIP telephone system features include use in any location viewing extension status, using voice mail, call recording, and vowing call history from anywhere.

VoIP telephone system is great for your business.

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