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Things that Prove Iran Is Syria

One thing that is not known to many people is that alliances in the Middle East countries are rarely formed, but Syria and Iran have proven this wrong. The relationship between these nations has been of mutual benefit in that it has allowed both nations to improve their standards. The political organization and also operations in these countries tend to be similar in that the rulers are rigid and also like running the government independently. A matter of fact is that geopolitics is one of the things that has lead to the sustainability of the partnership that exists between these countries.

The countries fought together in ensuring that the war that was going on in Iraq would have no effect on their security is this is a good illustration of their common interests. In an effort to ensure that the war did not affect them in any way, they had to act together in fighting the common enemy, which was Iraq. The formed partnership connecting Syria to Iran has proven that they have common interests and that they can be able to attack an enemy together.

It is also through this particular partnership that they have been able to set and also achieve their goals, without the input of other nations. Just after the president of Syria took office, the country became overly reliant on Iran to provide it with the resources of the political and armed force that it desperately required. This happened due to the fact that the president was not in a position to ensure that a positive and solid relationship existed between Syria and other Arab nations.

It is during this overly dependent stage that the government officials from both parties came to an agreement that in case they had a common foe, they would always fight together to safeguard their security and other interests. These nations have globally proven that their relationship is unwavering, despite the differences that they have. For example, Syria is known to stand out as a superior in the Arab secular nationalism whereas Iran is known for its revolutionary movement. As a result, these nations have faced international sanctions.

In case one country faces war, the other one steps in to assist and this contributes to the strengthening of their partnership. They have always helped each other in the fight against their enemies, as evidenced by the different instances where each country has been attacked and the other one has also stepped in to help, despite the sanctions that they stand to face. One other thing that has contributed to the cementing of the partnership is that the countries do not get in the way of each other’s interests, and this helps them avoid conflict.

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